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Rhythm & Views Film Festival

black orpheus

If you love films and enjoy music, then Rhythm & Views is a fresh new film festival that will float your boat.

Celebrating films that have music at the heart of them, the festival features a wide and diverse range of films  – from new releases, biopics and musicals, to documentaries, animations and old-time classics (oldies but goodies); films  that inspire and entertain.

Rhythm & Views and Lambeth Libraries presents a BLACK HISTORY MONTH special: films to educate, entertain & inspire:

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (Dir. Raoul Peck, 2016)                                       

This bold, prescient, award-winning documentary, directed by esteemed director Raoul Peck, features the dynamic civil rights activist and writer James Baldwin.                                                                          

It is a challenging and insightful film that has been described as “… unsparing as history and enthralling as biography…a film that uses Baldwin’s spoken words, and his notes for an unfinished book, to illuminate the struggle for civil rights” (Wall Street Journal). Running time: 93 mins. Certificate 12.




WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMON?                 (Dir. Liz Garbus, 2015).

Fascinating Oscar-nominated film about Nina Simone, outstanding civil rights activist and one of the greatest musicians of her generation. A powerhouse of creativity – and composer of the soundtrack to the civil rights movement.
This compelling film gives us Nina’s spell-binding voice, views and music. It also name-checks a whose-who of political, social and cultural activists, from Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, to Stokely Carmichel and Dick Gregory.
Not to be missed.    Running time: 1hr 41mins. Cert. 15


Refreshments on sale.                                                 Early bird booking advised.


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    VACANCIES                                                            HELP – WE NEED SOMEBODY! 

Rhythm ‘n’ Views needs volunteers to help out in a number of areas. If you have experience of organising or working on events, great! We’d love to hear from you if you want to help out in the following areas:

  • Festival Ambassadors: To champion the festival in the community. Spread the word, get people interested – and attending. Using word of mouth and social media, marketing etc to promote the festival, coming up with creative ideas to promote your festival. We need you to be creative, imaginative, people friendly and willing to ‘think out of the box’.
  • Photographers and Videographers, to help us document the festival. Your images and videos could form the trailers and marketing material for future festivals. And, this is going to look good in your portfolio as well. Yay, win-win!
  • Runners: Yours are the fleet feet that run errands, deliver equipment, etc. Adaptable and flexible, you will do what needs to be done to keep the show on the road.
  • Venue Co-ordinators: Hospitality is key. You will be great at ‘meeting and greeting’, getting the venue ready, clearing up afterwards, ensuring that patrons have a great time and welcome them back next year. Great experience for events and festivals – and we will take care of you with references and signposting to training, jobs, etc.
  • Tech, Admin: We need you – to do the website, social media, design flyers, etc. You are creative and proactive.
  • Caterers/hospitality: We need you to keep the festival crowd fed and watered, refreshed and happy.