About us – “Play it, Sam”


Five Heartbeats  The Five Heartbeats. (Dir. Robert Townsend)

Like love and marriage, films and music go together like a horse      and carriage. That’s the inspiration behind Rhythm ‘& Views Film Festival, the brainchild of independent film producer/promoter, Black Stock Films & SR Expressions, a media-arts and training   enterprise.

There are certain films, with their inspirational storylines and breathtaking scores, that just make your spirit soar. There’s nothing like coming out of movie screening feeling like you’re walking on air – (or even in the air). Wait a minute, am I really quoting from The Snowman?!

The point is that there are so many wonderful films across all genres that fit beautifully under the umbrella of musical films. We’ll show crowd-pleasers and cult classics, as well as premiere new releases and help new filmmakers to find an audience. We will be doing a mini-festival in the summer, and hope to have another outing this autumn.

Our festival partners include:

Croydon Council, Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA), Matthew’s Yard, Theatre Utopia, the Volunteer Centre, Outspace, Croydon Library Service,  Club Soda.

Love films, enjoy music? Then rock and come in!

We can’t wait for you to partner with us too in this exciting adventure. Love films and enjoy music? Then rock and come in!  Then, once you’ve visited – wheel, and come again!

Nia Reynolds





Love films, enjoy music? Then rock & come in!